Tornado One Design Sails - Key Facts

The following informaiton has been taken from the Tornado class website with respect to one design sails.

One Design sails will become class legal as of 1st April 2013.

The class rules will include both sails and battens.


The advantages of One Design sails are:

  1. No advantage for professionals who have their own sail designs. All sailors have the same sail material to win races.
  2. No more expensive sail develop programs
  3. Prices are locked for four years
  4. No more extreme sails designs for light or heavy wind locations
  5. Better quality of Sails, longer lasting sailcloth
  6. Proven all round Sail Designs (from World and Olympic Champions)
  7. Knowledge transfer between the sailors of all levels. The top-secrets are over, able to supply a standard tuning guide on the website
  8. Faster sail measurement at championships


All sails measured and stamped before 31st March 2013 will be accepted into a grandfathering scheme. This ensures that sailors do not have to buy new sails straight away to be class legal.

This means that, for example, if you bought a sail in 2000 and it is stamped and measured, you can use it until it falls apart.

The grandfathering rule is there to protect the sailors financially.


The prices for the sails will be as follows:

  • Tornado OD Mainsail, excluding battens= 1200 EURO
  • Tornado OD Jib, including fiberfoam battens = 600 EURO
  • Tornado OD Spinnaker = 800 EURO

All prices are excluding tax and delivery.

These prices will be locked until 1st April 2017.

The price of a sail includes sail numbers for the main sail which will not be applied, sail bags and ISAF in house certification.

Special Offer

Pablo Soldano of Ullman Sails has agreed to an offer where the first 10 sets of sails ordered by the end of February 2013 will be subject to a 10% discount.


Battens will also be One Design and will be provided by Fiberfoam but will also be available from Ullman Sails Iseo.

Prices are as follows:

  • 8 main sail battens - 250 EURO ex vat
  • 4 hard top main sail battens - 94 EURO ex vat
  • 6 jib battens (hard and soft) - 72 EURO ex vat

Battens will have special One Design stickers on for measurement.

Special Orders

Main sails and jibs come in white only but spinnakers are available in a range of colours, these will be special orders and will take longer to deliver.

Spinnakers will also be available with 3 patches, but again, they will take longer to deliver.


All sails should be ordered and paid for through Ullman Sails at Iseo. Ullman dealers around the World will not be able to provide the same price.

For more information please see