Glueing the deck back on

Glueing the deck back on

Glueing the deck on is about getting profile of the top of the deck on both hulls the same. It doesn't show it but I used the maranti frame again when doing this task and the final deck profile looks like the pictures below.

PA210135 deck_glued_onPA210136 deck_glued_onPA210137 deck_glued_on

Because of the stresses that are loaded in the bow when sailing with the kite I decided it was a good idea to add some additional glass to the deck where the join was at the bridle and on one of the bows.

PA220138 additional_glass_for_strenghtPA220139 additional_glass_for_strenghtPA220140 _additional_glass_for_strenghtPA220140 _additional_glass_for_strenght

Now it's just a matter of some filling with Q-cell to take the woofs out of the hull and getting an even shape from bow to the bridle.