Rebuild the deck flanges

Rebuild The Deck Flanges

Since I didn't quite get the deck cut process perfect I needed to rebuild the deck flange on the port hull and also strengthen the starboard hull deck flange. After splitting the deck at the bow it was obvious that the deck needed to be pulled in a little so I used some maranti to make a deck brace and some melamine to make a straight edge for the flange.  I used a hot glue gun and I was amazed how quickly you can build the frame.  Easy to change if you don't quite get the frame right the first time.

PA160130 maranti_strips_in_placePA160131 deck_frame_for_new_flange

The new flange was made using two layers of chopped strand glass, each piece approx 100mm wide and 250mm long and polyester resin.

PA170132 port_brace_ready_for_glueingPA170134 stbd_brace_ready_for_glueing