In Summary

All of the above as well as a sailor run Class Association without any commercial influence has enabled the Tornado to maintain it's marque as the ultimate speed machine of the water and to this day still remains unchallenged as the fastest one-design boat in the world.

The total weight of the Tornado is around 160 kilograms (similar to the weight of the two people sailing it) and with an upwind sail area of 22 square metres and an additional 25 sqm of spinnaker down wind the Tornado's top speed is in excess of 23 knots.

The Tornado is still by far the fastest and most spectacular Olympic Class and with the new hull-flying technique on the downwind legs coupled with the addition of the spinnaker and twin trapeze the Tornado is still the ultimate speed machine.

Over 4,800 Tornados have now been built and with 1,300 Class Association Members the International Tornado Class will be competing at its 8th Olympic Games in Greece in 2004.