The Class Rules

The Class Rules for the Tornado have allowed changes in construction and running rigging techniques over the past 30 years which has enabled the Tornado to remain at the fore-front of one-design catamaran technology however the profile of the hulls, centreboards, rudders and sail plan still remain unchanged since its inception in the late 1960's.

The Tornado Class Rules have been constantly developed and now ensure strict attention to all details relating to the performance of the boat. Rules are occasionally modified or up-graded to allow the Tornado to advance with modern technology yet the ITA Committee always consider the long term cost effectiveness of the changes.

Class Rules of a "one-manufacturer" class are often primitive or kept simple due to the nature of the competition originally anticipated by the manufacturer. However, as time progresses and classes become larger and more competitive the rules are often not up-dated and often leave open loop-holes never anticipated by the original designer or manufacturer.

When a Class has reached an International level of competition and National Government or Yachting Federation monetary grants become available then competitors start to look for the "edge" in their boats and the first place they go for this is to the Class Rules.