2008 WA State Titles

The 2008 WA State Championships were held over two weekends with a different format to previous years.  This year the first weekend of sailing was held at Geographe Bay Yacht Club Friday 28th to 30th Nov.  Friday and Saturday conditions were perfect with the sutherly breeze giving competitors some interesting results and many took a few races to work out the local conditions. Sunday racing was cancelled due to lack of wind.  A total of five races completed.

The second weekend of sailing was held at Nedlands Yacht Club Sat 6th - Sun 7th Dec 2008.  Saturday's racing starting early at 08:30AM with the easterly coming in at a steady 10 knots but dying to a duck pond by midday.  We still managed to get in three races however the shifting breeze proved a challenge to all.  Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield proved their superior teamwork and ability to read the shifty breeze to successfully finishing first in all eight races.  They nearly lost the final race on Saturday by only beating Paul Raymond and Paul May by 1 second.  Alan Gamble and Kym Nichols sailed consistentaly keeping pressure on Brett and Ryan to take second place with Paul Raymond and Paul May recovering from the first weekend of mishaps to sneek into 3rd place ahead of Paul Petersen.

Gwyn Cracknell and Peter Tognos were consistent throughout the series and were successful in taking out the Handicap trophy.

Overall Placings:

1. Windrush (B Burvill-R Duffield); 
2. Aeolus (A Gamble-K Nicholas); 
3. Die Hard (P Raymond-P May); 
4. Quantum Hop (P & P Peterson); 
5. Sony Marine (J Eyles-C Lithgo); 
6. AUS 251 (G Cracknell-P Tognos); 
7. Full Monty (R Stokes-R Garton); 
8. Mr Thingy (A Pocock-I Curphey); 
9. Bullet (S Goble-A Taylor); 
10. Sailbad the Sinner (P Gibb-E Neaves) 
11. Eric (B Harvey-D Feldman).

Handicap Results: 

1. AUS 251 (G Cracknell-P Tognos); 
2. Die Hard (P Raymond-P May); 
3. Windrush (B Burvill-R Duffield); 
4. Sony Marine (J Eyles-C Lithgo); 
5. Aeolus (A Gamble-K Nicholas); 
6. Quantum Hop (P & P Peterson); 
7. Mr Thingy (A Pocock-I Curphey); 
8. Full Monty (R Stokes-R Garton); 
9. Bullet (S Goble-A Taylor); 
10. Sailbad The Sinner (P Gibb-E Neaves); 
11. Eric (B Harvey-D Feldman).